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Adobe Photoshop : 3 jours  (ADPS102)

Temps: 9am - 4pm
Durée: 3 jours

Compatible with CS5.5, CS6, CC


Needs French Translation

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Horaire des cours publics

Emplacement Langue Date Prix Registre
Ottawa English August 19 - August 21 $ 895.00
Web-based(Opens in new window) English August 19 - August 21 $ 895.00
Ottawa English October 21 - October 23 $ 895.00
Web-based(Opens in new window) English October 21 - October 23 $ 895.00
Ottawa English December 16 - December 18 $ 895.00
Web-based(Opens in new window) English December 16 - December 18 $ 895.00

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Plan de cours

  • Introduction
    • Opening, closing, and saving documents
    • Working with various file types
    • Setting Photoshop preferences
    • Setting up the Workspace
    • Introduction to Camera Raw
    • Using Adobe Bridge to organize or open your images
    • Understanding the Undo and History features
  • Navigating and Getting Started
    • Zooming in and out on your image files
    • Scrolling tools and rotating your canvas
    • Opening files and using multiple views
  • Image Basics
    • Understanding image size and resolution
    • Cropping by size and ratio
    • Cropping by composition
    • Straightening an image
  • Image Adjustments and Enhancements
    • An overview of common colour and contrast problems in images
    • Correcting and enhancing colour and contrast using adjustments
    • Sharpening Images
    • Using blurring to enhance composition
    • Creating dynamic black and white images
  • Working on a Selected Area of an Image
    • Why use a selection?
    • Creating selections with various tools
    • Selection options
    • Refining and modifying selections
    • Saving and loading selections
    • Enhanced selections
  • Working with Layers
    • How layers work and the various kinds of layers
    • Creating, duplicating and deleting layers
    • Creating a new layer from a selection
    • Moving layers in front or behind each other
    • Scaling, rotating individual layers
    • When should you merge layers together?
  • Working with Text
    • Text as a label
    • Paragraph Text, and Text Styles
    • Merging text into photographic compositions
  • Layer Masking
    • What are masks and why use them?
    • Converting selections to layer masks
    • Using layer masks with adjustments and filters
  • Output
    • Understanding colour, image size and resolution for web and print
    • Saving and exporting your images for web, print and other media
  • Production Techniques
    • Batch Rename in Adobe Bridge
    • Using the Image Processor Script
    • Batch processing common tasks
    • Working with Metadata
  • Image Extraction and Photo Composites
    • Extracting images from their background
    • Warping layers with the Liquefy filter and the Puppet Warp tool
  • Retouching Images
    • Fixing common problems such as dust, scratches, blemishes and unwanted objects
    • Using photo enhancement tools such as dodge, burn, sponge, blur and sharpen
    • Filling in missing image data when removing an object
    • Using the History Brush as a Retouching Tool
    • Fixing Red eye, changing eye colour and skin tone

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