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Digital Marketing Certificate (EQDM101)

Veuillez noter : Le plan de cours suivant est seulement disponible en anglais.

Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Temps : 9 h - 16 h

Durée : 1 jour

Description : Successful digital marketing strategies are based on business goals and clearly defined outcomes. In this module you'll learn the importance of having a solid strategy and also learn about tactics that can be used to implement your strategies effectively. We'll explore how to select appropriate digital channels based on your audiences and track your campaigns to see how they are measuring up to your objectives. This course will provide a hands-on approach to developing strategies that you can use across a variety of different types of industries.

Plan du module

  • Why Digital Marketing Strategy?
    • Why Is Strategy Important?
    • What the Stats Tell Us
  • Understanding the Role of Digital Within an Organization
    • How is Your Audience Using Digital?
    • How Are Your Colleagues Using Digital
    • Culture Shift
  • Defining Business Objectives
    • SMART Goals
    • Beyond SMART Goals - ACEing Goals
  • Choosing Strategies
    • Factoring in Audience, Competition and Time
    • B2B vs B2C
    • Building Pilot Projects and Business Cases
  • Analyzing Tactics
    • Visual vs Text vs Video
    • Leveraging Existing Content Across Channels
    • Using Hashtags
    • When to Use Advertising
  • Assessing Resource Requirements
    • Who Will Do The Work
    • Basic Cost and Time Estimates
    • Budgeting for Digital Marketing
  • Measurement Strategy
    • What to Measure
    • How to Measure
    • Data for Decision Making