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Digital Marketing Certificate (EQDM101)

Veuillez noter : Le plan de cours suivant est seulement disponible en anglais.

Mobile Marketing

Temps : 9 h - 16 h

Durée : 1 jour

Description : Mobile is the fastest growing segment of digital marketing. In this module, you will learn about key trends in mobile technology, how to optimize your web sites, email and other content for mobile marketing, and build an online strategy that leverages the features of mobile. This course will get you up to speed on everything you need to know about mobile marketing to integrate into your digital strategy. You'll learn the difference between mobile apps and mobile optimized web sites and when to use them, as well as exploring uses of technologies like SMS, QR codes and Bluetooth.

Plan du module

  • What is Mobile Marketing?
    • Types of Mobile Marketing
    • What The Stats Tell Us
    • Characteristics of the Mobile Consumer
  • Your Mobile Marketing Plan
    • Key Components
    • Compliance with Various Mobile Platforms
    • Costs of Mobile Marketing
  • SMS Campaigns
    • Understanding the Basics of SMS
    • Using SMS to Market to an Audience
  • Proximity Marketing
    • NFC, GSM and Bluetooth systems
    • How to use geo-targeting and check-ins
    • QR codes
    • Mobile Payments
  • Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns
    • What is mobile email marketing?
    • How to choose a provider
    • Building a mobile email marketing campaign
  • Mobile-Ready Web Sites and Mobile Apps
    • Mobile-Ready sites vs. Apps
    • Building a Mobile-ready web site
    • Responsive Design
    • Building a Mobile App