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Digital Marketing Certificate (EQDM101)

Veuillez noter : Le plan de cours suivant est seulement disponible en anglais.

Digital Analytics

Temps : 9 h - 16 h

Durée : 1 jour

Description : Measuring the results of your online campaigns is key to the success of any digital marketing strategy. This module will show you the importance of having a comprehensive measurement strategy, starting with figuring out what to measure and why, and delving into the best tools available to help you measure your digital marketing campaigns. We'll explore measurement tools such as Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights and discover how these tools can be used to effectively track results of your campaigns.

Plan du module

  • Why Digital Analytics?
    • Why is Measurement Important?
    • What The Stats Tell Us
    • What Do We Measure?
  • The Role of Analytics
    • Audience Acquisition
    • Traffic Generation
  • Metrics
    • Common Digital Metrics Definitions
    • KPIs and Digital Metrics
  • Types of Digital Analytics
    • Web Analytics
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Email Marketing Analytics
  • Developing a Measurement Strategy
    • Goal-based Measurement
    • Making Decisions Based on Results
    • Measurement for Continuous Improvement