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NSI/BOEW : Mise en œuvre de la Norme sur la facilité d'emploi des sites Web (EWCL405)

Veuillez noter : Le plan de cours suivant est seulement disponible en anglais.

Temps : 9 h - 16 h

Durée : 1 jour

Description : In this course, you will learn how to: Implement the Standard on Web Usability; Identify the components of the Standard; Assign roles and responsibilities; Implement Appendix F: User-Centred Design; Conduct user research to define your users, their tasks and the context in which they will use your website and web application; Design your website iteratively; Regularly evaluate and improve your website through usability testing

Pré-requis : None

Web Experience Toolkit

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Plan de cours

  • Introduction
    • What is the Standard on Usability?
    • How does it fit into CLF?
    • It's not just technical
  • Understanding the Standard
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Global and context-sensitive notices
    • Mandatory elements and templates
    • Monitoring and reporting
  • User-Centred Design
    • Overview of user research methods
    • Determining the best method for your users and content
    • Defining user tasks
    • Identifying the context of the users and tasks
  • Designing for the users
    • User-centred information architecture
    • Mental models
    • Grouping and labeling content
  • Iterative design
    • Low-fidelity methods such as mock-ups
    • Progressing to prototypes
    • Implementing the final design
  • Usability testing
    • Testing methodologies
    • Identifying the best testing methods for your users
    • Collecting, analyzing and acting on results

Ce cours est disponible en formation privée.

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