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After Effects Studio Techniques Level 2: Visual Effect Compositing Essentials (ADAE302)

Temps : 9 h - 16 h

Durée : 3 jours

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Description : This hands-on Pro Series course helps you master Adobe After Effects compositing and visual effects. Explore advanced colour correction and Chroma keying using After Effects built-in plug-ins “Color Finesse” and “Keylight”. Painting, rotoscoping, and expressions will also be covered.

Pré-requis :

Adobe After Effects

Horaire de cours public

Localisation Langue Date Prix  
Ottawa Anglais 25 juillet - 27 juillet 895,00 $
En ligne Ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre Anglais 25 juillet - 27 juillet 895,00 $
Ottawa Anglais 12 novembre - 14 novembre 895,00 $
En ligne Ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre Anglais 12 novembre - 14 novembre 895,00 $

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Plan de cours

  • Colour Correction
    • Video formats and Colour spaces
    • Broadcast safe colours
    • Chroma Subsampling
    • Luma, Chroma and Hue
    • Working with Synthetic Aperture: Color Finesse
    • Colour Matching
    • Developing colour looks
  • Colour Keying
    • Chroma Key fundamentals
    • Procedural and Hi-Con Mattes
    • Working with The Foundry: Keylight
  • Painting
    • Working with the Brush and Eraser tools
    • Creating, modifying, and deleting brushes
    • Working with the Clone Stamp tool
    • Painting on RGB and Alpha
    • Constant, Write-On, and Single Frame painting
    • Creating Clone Presets
  • Rotoscoping
    • Working with the Roto Brush
    • Tracking and modifying the Roto Brush
    • Using the Roto Alpha, Boundary, and Overlay
    • Using the Refine Edge tool
    • Working with articulated matte
    • Using Deformation effects
  • Expressions
    • Introduction to expressions
    • Linking properties
    • Creating a simple expression
    • Time Remapping and Looping expressions

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