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Accessible, Usable, Electronic Forms: Solutions in 30 Minutes

Description: Eliquo's Director of Training, Development and Production Michael Cooper provides clarity to project managers, IT specialists, designer, developers, data managers and procurement specialists for choosing a platform for electronic forms delivery and data collection. Using a side-by-side comparison of the most popular electronic forms platforms, we rate them on criteria such as accessibility features, creation, maintenance, cost, and integration with other systems. Comparisons will include "ad-hoc" forms as well as "version controlled" forms.


  • Brief overview of some popular electronic forms platforms
    • PDF (AcroForms and XFA Forms), Web Forms (HTML, HTML5, Bootstrap and WET), "Turn-key" solutions and services, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms
  • Side-by-side comparison using ad-hoc and version controlled examples
    • Creation (software required, learning curve)
    • Accessibility Features (WCAG, Section 508, PDF/UA, Functional Accessibility)
    • User requirements (filling, saving, printing, submitting)
    • Maintenance (software required, learning curve)
    • Data integration (importing/exporting data, integration with data management systems)
    • Costing considerations (purchases, training, outsourcing)
  • Summary
    • Rating "score cards" side-by-side
  • Q&A

Profile: Eliquo's resident expert on electronic forms and accessibility, Michael oversees and delivers training for multiple electronic forms platforms as well as managing and delivering production for Eliquo's many Federal, Provincial/State, and Municipal governments and private sector clients.

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