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Why Choose Eliquo Training?

First and foremost: quality of learning

Experienced instruction

Eliquo's Adobe and Apple certified instructors have leveraged real-world experience into delivering our training courses. Outlines and samples are designed to promote maximum retention.

Choice of Language

Eliquo offers public courses in English and private training in English or French.

Choice of Platform

Our training facilities are equipped with a combination of 24" and 20" Apple iMacs and PC workstations.

Unparalleled Post-Training Support

Eliquo is the only continuing education facility to offer free re-takes, student labs and unlimited email support.

Flexibility of Location

Eliquo's classes are available at our Ottawa training centre or via live web-based delivery regardless of your location. We can also provide private training on-site at your office or via web-based delivery regardless of where you are located.

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes allow time for the instructor to provide personal attention to your needs.

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