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General Troubleshooting


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Tips to Avoid Technical Problems

Only run the GoToMeeting session and programs your instructor has you launch during class. Do not run other programs during the training session.

Be sure you are connected directly to the internet using a wired connection. Wireless/Satellite connections are not compatible with online training.

If you normally use a wireless connection: when you connect to the internet using a network cable, you may need to disable your wireless connection as well. Most computers continue using the wireless connection if it is available even if your computer is plugged directly into your network with a cable.

Restart your computer before launching the GoToMeeting session on each day of your training.

If you are having trouble joining a meeting try the following:

Make sure pop-up blocking software is not blocking your meeting window.

You may be using a proxy server. To resolve this, enable the proxy server setting. After doing this, clear your cookies, close all browser windows and then attempt to re-enter the meeting.

If you are experiencing delays:

Very small delays are typical in web-based learning. During your session, if your connection speed slows for any reason (for example network congestion) or you are disconnected, please follow your initial connection instructions to re-join the class.

If you are having an audio problem:

Verify that your computer speakers are on and your computer's volume is at an audible level.

Additional Audio Help here:

**Please note that Audio via telephone will not be enabled for participation in our meetings.

If you have been granted rights to speak, but no one can hear you:

Check to see that you're not muted by clicking the Audio icon in your Control Panel or Grab Tab.

If you're having problems connecting to VoIP (Mic & Speakers), test your computer's detected audio devices by clicking Sound Check in the Audio pane. Speak into your microphone to test if your microphone setup is working.

If you are having headset trouble:

Be sure your headphones are correctly plugged in – the red or pink plugs are the microphone input options and the black or green plugs are typically the headphone output options.

Check the inline volume control and increase volume if needed.

If output playback is not working:

If you do not hear any sound: In your computer's Master Volume Control dialog box, verify that the Master Volume Control is not set to mute and the slider bar is turned up.

If you can hear yourself while talking: In the Master Volume Control dialog box, validate the Mute settings is set for the Microphone or other Inputs.

If your microphone is not working:

Windows users: From the Control Panel select Sound from your menu choices. Select the Recording tab to troubleshoot any problems and to make any necessary configuration changes.

Mac users: From the Apple menu, select System Preferences, then select the Sound icon. From this menu, select the Input tab to troubleshoot any problems and to make any necessary configuration changes

I am not sure if my computer meets the required system requirements for taking part in a web-based class.

GoToMeeting Plug-in: Get the plug-in by going through the Computer Compatibility Test. The Computer Compatibility Test ensures your Flash Player is supported, checks your internet connection and installs an add-in required to properly run GoToMeeting. This process must be completed at least 1-day before your class. The test can be accessed at ion+before+Your+Session

Note: Eliquo staff are unable to assist with any software, hardware, network installation or troubleshooting at any time before or during your web-based course. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all technical set-up and testing for your computer hardware, software and network access be performed a minimum of 5-days in advance of your class date.

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