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Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 Expert  (MO13SP301)

Time: 9am - 4pm
Duration: 1 day

Compatible with 2013


In this course you will learn how to: link Internal Data to a Site Page; organizw Data View Information; format Data Views; configure the Data View Display; manage Data using the Data View; add Controls to the Data View; manage the Data View Web Part; use InfoPath with SharePoint Designer; work with InfoPath Web Parts; use Visio to Create Workflow Diagrams; complete Visio Workflow Diagrams.


MO13SP201—Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 Advanced Essentials or equivalent is mandatory.

This course is currently available in another city, on demand or for private classes only. Call us at 888.484.2933 to learn more about our flexible scheduling options or complete our Information Request Form and we will contact you to arrange a class date that is suitable to your availability.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Linking Internal Data to a Site Page
    • Setting Up an Internal Data Source
    • Creating an XSLT Data View from a Data Source
    • Creating an Empty Data View
  • Module 2: Organizing Data View Information
    • Filtering Data
    • Sorting and Grouping Data
    • About Parameters
  • Module 3: Formatting Data Views
    • Showing and Hiding Sample Data
    • Showing and Hiding the Totals Row
    • Applying Styles
    • Changing the Toolbar Display
  • Module 4: Configuring the Data View Display
    • Setting Paging Options
    • Adding and Removing Columns
    • Configuring Update Procedures
    • Enabling and Disabling Inline Editing
  • Module 5: Managing Data using the Data View
    • Managing Data Source Connections
    • Using the Data Source Details Pane
    • Refreshing Data
    • Changing the Folder Scope
  • Module 6: Adding Controls to the Data View
    • Inserting Controls
    • Using the Toolbox
    • Adding a Form Action
    • Previewing the Data View
  • Module 7: Managing the Data View Web Part
    • Changing the Title
    • Changing Chrome Settings
    • Setting the Height and Width
    • Choosing What Actions to Allow
  • Module 8: Using InfoPath with SharePoint Designer
    • About InfoPath 2013
    • Creating and Saving SharePoint Forms
    • Publishing Forms to SharePoint
    • Submitting a Form to SharePoint
  • Module 9: Working with InfoPath Web Parts
    • Creating a List Form Web Part
    • Modifying Web Part Properties
    • Testing Web Parts
  • Module 10: Using Visio to Create Workflow Diagrams, Part One
    • About Visio 2013
    • Create a SharePoint Workflow Diagram using Visio
    • Adding Start Shapes
    • Adding Stages
  • Module 11: Using Visio to Create Workflow Diagrams, Part Two
    • Adding Conditions
    • Adding Actions
    • Adding Connectors
    • Creating Stage Outlines
  • Module 12: Completing Visio Workflow Diagrams
    • Checking a Diagram for Errors
    • Importing VWI Files into Visio
    • Opening SharePoint 2013 Workflow Diagrams in SharePoint Designer

Private training is available for this course.

Call us at 1-888-484-2933 to learn more about our flexible scheduling options or complete our Information Request Form.

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