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Microsoft Word 2013 Expert  (MO13MW301)

Time: 9am - 4pm
Duration: 1 day

Compatible with 2013


In this course you will learn how to: create a bibliography and references to other documents; create XML forms; configure reviewer settings; work with sections and Building Blocks and Quick Parts; do more with styles; work with SmartArt.


MO13MW201—Microsoft Word 2013 Advanced Essentials or equivalent is mandatory.

Public Class Schedule

Location Language Date Price Register
Ottawa English April 11 $ 275.00
Web-based(Opens in new window) English April 11 $ 275.00

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Course Outline

  • Module 1: Creating a Bibliography
    • Inserting Citations
    • Managing Sources
    • Choosing a Style
    • Inserting a Bibliography
    • Updating a Bibliography
  • Module 2: Creating References to Other Documents
    • Linking to Another Document
    • Creating and Working with a Master Document
    • Creating and Working with Subdocuments
    • Managing Subdocuments
  • Module 3: Creating XML Forms
    • Creating a Form
    • Inserting Controls
    • Modifying Control Properties
    • Grouping Controls
    • Protecting a Form
    • Distributing a Form
  • Module 4: Blogging with Word
    • Creating a Blog Post
    • Using Blogging Tools
    • Configuring a Blog Account
    • Publishing a Blog Post
  • Module 5: Embedding Objects in a Word Document
    • Adding Text from a File
    • Creating a New Object
    • Creating an Object from a File
    • Linking Objects to a Word Document
  • Module 6: Working with Sections
    • Inserting Section Breaks
    • Customizing Page Setup for Each Section
    • Navigating Through Sections
    • Deleting Sections
  • Module 7: Using Building Blocks and Quick Parts
    • Inserting Quick Parts
    • Using the Building Blocks Organizer
    • Saving Quick Parts
  • Module 8: Changing Your Styles
    • Changing Your Style Set
    • Changing Your Color Scheme
    • Changing Your Font Scheme
    • Making Changes Permanent
  • Module 9: Doing More with Styles
    • Creating Styles from Existing Text
    • Creating Styles Using the Task Pane
    • Modifying the Quick Style Gallery
    • Using the Style Inspector
    • Managing Styles
  • Module 10: Working with SmartArt
    • Adding SmartArt
    • Adding Text
    • Adding Photos
    • Moving and Resizing SmartArt
    • Deleting SmartArt
  • Module 11: Working with Equations
    • Inserting Built-In Equations
    • Modifying Equations
    • Creating a Custom Equation
    • Saving an Equation to the Gallery
  • Module 12: Advanced Macro Tasks
    • Copying a Macro from a Template
    • Assigning a Macro to a Keystroke
    • Assigning a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
    • About Macro Names

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