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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom  (ADPL101)

Time: 9am - 4pm
Duration: 2 days

Compatible with 4, 5


In this course, you will learn how to: Import, organize and manage your photos; Enhance, correct and edit your photos; Easily export your photo collections for web and print.



This course is currently available in another city, on demand or for private classes only. Call us at 888.484.2933 to learn more about our flexible scheduling options or complete our Information Request Form and we will contact you to arrange a class date that is suitable to your availability.

Course Outline

  • Workspace Tour
    • Viewing and navigating modules
    • Resizing, expanding and minimizing panels
    • Using screen mode and lights out
  • Navigating Your Document
    • Zooming and scrolling
    • Using split screen
    • Working with the navigator panel
    • The view menu
  • Document Basics
    • Importing photos from various sources (removable media, camera, etc.)
    • Exporting photos
    • Using metadata browser and keyword tags
    • Working with the crop overlay
    • Changing the crop aspect and straightening photos
  • Managing the Library
    • Creating, importing and exporting catalogs
    • Working with library filters
    • Converting photos to DNG
    • Using rename and find options
    • Catalog settings
    • Working with quick develop
    • Using keywording and metadata
  • Developing photos
    • Working with clone and healing tools
    • Using the red eye tool
    • Using the Histogram
    • Changing the white balance (RAW files)
    • Creating a custom white balance
    • Adjusting the image tonal scale (exposure, recovery, etc.)
    • Working with tone curves
    • Using hue, saturation and luminance
    • Split toning highlights and shadows
    • Noise reduction and sharpening
    • Camera calibration and lens correction
    • Creating tonal correction presets
    • Geotagging photos
  • Creating a slideshow
    • Creating text overlay
    • Scaling the slides
    • Using the template browser
    • Creating backdrops (solid, gradient, background image)
    • Adding voice or music
    • Adjusting slide durations and fades
    • Randomizing the slide order
    • Exporting to PDF
  • Printing
    • Basic print image settings
    • Using the template browser
    • Advanced print layout options
    • Creating captions and water marks
    • Adding page numbers, information and crop marks
    • Changing the print resolution
    • Selecting correct print sharpening
    • Introduction to Color management
    • Print settings for PDF and printers
  • Exporting for web
    • Working with the gallery panel
    • Using the template browser
    • Adding site and image information
    • Changing site colours (text, background, rollover, etc.)
    • Working with the appearance (drop shadow, photo borders, etc.)
    • Output and upload settings
    • Previewing and exporting

Private training is available for this course.

Call us at 1-888-484-2933 to learn more about our flexible scheduling options or complete our Information Request Form.

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