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Introduction to AEM Sites and Assets  (ADEM102)

Time: 9am - 4pm
Duration: 2 days


The AEM Author Training course teaches improved features and functionalities of AEM 6.1, which helps you improve your authoring skills, based on a standard project environment. AEM 6.1 gives you the freedom of authoring from both touch devices and computers. This course covers authoring concepts of Touch optimized UI. It includes introduction to AEM’s dynamic publishing, the roles and responsibilities of a content author, and best practices of working with AEM’s content management features. This training enables students to create new web pages based on various templates as well as update and modify content on an AEM based website. It also enables students to use additional functionalities such as Workflows, Forms, in addition to creating and managing Mobile Pages. This is not a developer training; it introduces you to the idea behind AEM, and administering content using readymade templates and content.



Public Class Schedule

Location Language Date Price  
Ottawa English May 23 - May 24 $ 995.00
Web-based(Opens in new window) English May 23 - May 24 $ 995.00

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Course Outline

  • Getting started with AEM Assets
    • Uploading Assets
    • Organizing and Managing Assets
    • Searching for Assets
    • Adding Metadata
    • Using Assets Workflows
    • Introduction to Dynamic Media
  • Getting started with AEM Sites
    • Working with Pages
    • Adding New Content
    • Understanding Page Properties
    • Creating your own Page
    • Creating Mobile Pages
    • Tagging Content
    • Activate and Deactivate a Page
    • Landing Pages
    • Using Client Context
    • Page Manipulation
    • Using Page Versioning
    • Introduction to Interactive Forms
    • Advanced Authoring: Workflows

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