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Save Money with Eliquo's Training Passports

Planning on booking a few courses this year? Eliquo's Training Passports are designed to help a team or individual stretch their training budget further.

Purchase a block of training days in advance and we will cut your per day cost by up to 85%.

Here's How it Works

First, determine how many days you want to purchase. You can pre-purchase blocks of days in bundles of 20, 50, 100, 200 or as many days as you need within a 12 month period.

The Benefits

Save Money: Your team can save on average between 30 to 65% off of Eliquo's standard course pricing.

Save Time: Once you have purchased your passport, trudging through the red tape approval process is eliminated. Just sign up.

Learn More: With significant course cost savings, a team can stretch their training budget significantly further, allowing them to attend more courses for less money.

Track Your Usage: Passport clients can have their own training web page where administrators and staff can perform their company registrations. Administrators will also receive monthly reporting showing who took classes, which ones, and when.

Let's Get Started

Contact Eliquo to get your team started with an Eliquo Training Savings Passport. We will provide you with information on package options and answers to any other questions you may have.

Call us at 1-888-484-2933 or fill out our information request form and we'll contact you at your convenience.

The Fine Print

Existing registrations and payments cannot be applied to a passport purchase for credit towards payment. Unlimited Training Passports are applicable to federal department branches and equivalents, not to an entire department.

Serious, the savings are really, really big

  • CIBC division saved over $50,000 in just 11 months
  • TVO saved over $38,000 in a year
  • Michigan State University saved over $8,000
  • Ottawa Public Health saved over $33,000 in 10 months

Contact us today to find out how to become your organization’s training hero

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