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Michel Daw

Senior Microsoft Specialist Expert and eLearning Instructor

Michel has been training adults in software and softskills for nearly 2 decades. He is a certified Master Trainer (Langevin) with a background in psychology and computer studies. His focus is always on his students and their learning experience. Trainers who have learned under his tutelage know his mantra, "The job of the teacher isn't to present information, it is to ensure that students learn."

Before coming to Eliquo, Michel had already trained thousands of people on four continents. His teaching experience ranges from design and illustration software, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, through web design, including HTML, CSS and HTML5, right up to programming and databases, including XML and JavaScript.

Michel has worked as a teacher, curriculum developer and training manager in multiple industries, from aerospace maintenance software to consumer focused design and illustration applications. Michel has used the skills he teaches in the professional world, designing custom databases and websites for clients. He routinely melds popular culture with real-world application into his classes, keeping the materials and skills relevant and engaging.


The course content was excellent and was well presented by Mr. Daw.


Mike was very helpful. (He) answered questions and provided clear explanations.


The course was extremely informative. Mike was a great instructor and took the time to explain and make sure we completely understood an element before moving on. I will definitely return for other courses.


The course was excellent and I got out of it all that I expected... It was one of the best courses I have taken in my career.


Michel Daw is one of the greatest instructor I had the chance to meet. Being a trainer myself, this is not a compliment I make lightly.


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