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Michael Cooper

Accessibility, Web and User Experience Instructor

Michael holds over 15 years’ experience teaching graphic design, web and mobile development, accessibility and user experience. His 20 years of experience in the print, new media and marketing industries allows him to bring modern practical examples into the classroom. As Director of Training and Development, Michael manages and oversees all course outlines and material development as well as course delivery methodology, classroom environment, and instructors' professional development at Eliquo.

After beginning his career in computer graphics, 2D and 3D animation and programming, Michael then moved into the design and marketing industry. As Art Director for a communications and marketing firm in Toronto, Ontario, his clients included Dayco Racing, Nabisco and General Electric.

A featured speaker at Adobe’s Premiere Creativity Conference, Adobe Max, Michael brought his accessibility and user experience knowledge to participants from around the globe, and is frequently hired by Adobe to present at seminars and product demos. Michael’s presentation promo video was a key component of the Max marketing campaign.

Able to explain the most complex concepts in a relatable way, Michael is often referred to as the "the king of analogies”. His extensive knowledge of a wide range of software, user experience and accessibility helps students consider the big picture and “connect the dots” with their own problem solving and workflows.

A professional musician in his early twenties and an avid movie buff and father of four, you can expect some entertaining analogies when you have a class with Michael.


The training was perfect for me. Michael is a freak of knowledge! He's got great training style and I learned tons.

Sebastian Distefano, Sr. Business Development Manager at Adobe Systems Inc.

This course was awesome and I really appreciate Michael's patience and training.

Ottawa, July 2010

Michael is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. He was able to present the information using various methods so that even the non-technical students could grasp the abstract concepts, fundamentals and essentials.


His extensive knowledge of WCAG and government accessibility standards, as well as his ability to integrate and relate these in to the in-class exercises, ensures that the information learned is immediately relevant in the workplace.


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