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Kam Miranbigi

Senior Video Instructor

Kam has been providing training and development in video production, eLearning, publishing and animation since 1998. He specializes in digital audio and video for use in projects from personal to professional production. Design, development, editing and special effects complete his impressive list of skills.

He has a passion for video and animation. His dynamic energy in the classroom is directly correlated to his love of the subject matter and his determination to help people learn. Having taught for over 20 years combined with his incomparable knowledge base, he brings exceptional leadership to the classroom.

Kam is also very involved in supporting key Eliquo clients with their video production. His work includes video preproduction, production, post production and hardware support. He uses this practical experience and incorporates it into the classroom for key examples. Kam has helped numerous firms in developing their DV resources through equipment, software procurement and configuration as well as providing consulting assistance and training.

Kam's work for Adobe includes being a lead presenter at the official Adobe Creative Suite 5 launch seminars in Ottawa and Montreal and teaching Adobe's video suite to post secondary professors.


Kam did a great job! I feel comfortable with the knowledge I learned going forward and I liked the various examples that helped us learn the various techniques. Thank you!

Thierry L - Ottawa

Thank you very much! Very valuable new skills, sparked many new ideas of ways I could apply these techniques to improve my work.

Rene F - Ottawa

This was an excellent course and I was impressed with the remote student interface. I had no trouble following along and the instructor checked in frequently. Thanks for a great class!!

Julie - Ottawa

Kam was GREAT!! I have a short attention span and never found myself wandering off. Time flew by and I learned quite a few techniques that I will apply on a daily basis. Thanks again and I will certainly sign up for additional courses.


Kam is an excellent teacher. He explained and taught the basics while still challenging us. I learned exactly what I was hoping to learn during the class.


Kam is an outstanding teacher that can explain and demonstrate the subject matter at a level that is appropriate for the student's skill level without compromising subject integrity or course flow. Kam's vast knowledge of everything video editing, advanced multi-software skill set and multi-media makes Kam an invaluable asset to any place of learning or forums of awareness.


Kambiz is an excellent instructor - he has a way to relate information to the class in a way that everyone can understand. I never thought I could learn so much in three days. Great course, outstanding instructor.


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