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Greg Treadwell

Print and Digital Media Instructor

Greg brings more than 20 years of creative industry experience. He is a graphic designer specializing in image retouching and compositing. He has worked in corporate environments, newspapers, traditional advertising agencies, and small design firms. Since 2009, Greg has been involved in developing course material and course instruction.

Greg has a B.A in Creative Writing and English from the University of Victoria and he is also a graduate from the International Academy of Design.

In addition to freelance work, Greg is also a production artist, print coordinator and creative programmer.

Outside of traditional design, Greg is exploring applications of Augmented Reality, computer vision and animation to create interactive art installations.


Greg was a very knowledgeable instructor. He was able to convey the material well and spent time to explain each concept thoroughly. Moving forward, I am more confident and competent using the program. I found it helpful when Greg explained the definition of the various terms.

Jennifer - Ottawa

Great to be able to retake the course. Learned so much more than the first time through. The first time, had never used InDesign before, so struggled when I returned to work and tried to use/amend existing documents. This time through, I was able to understand the structure much better, which will allow me to fix underlying problems and standardize documents, making the job much easier.

Barry D - Ottawa

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