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Post-Training Support

Eliquo's Post-training Support is the industry's most comprehensive training support program. It ensures that every training participant benefits fully from their training, long after they have completed their course.

Every Eliquo training participant is provided with the following services at no additional cost:

Free course retakes

Brush up on your new skills by repeating your course within one full calendar year of the date of your original class.

Access to student lab

Work on your own projects with a hand from our training and production staff. On the last Wednesday of every month, our support staff takes appointments to help students apply newly acquired knowledge.

Free helpline

Don't be discouraged. We all make mistakes, especially when we're first learning to apply new material. Our instructors are ready to answer your questions to help you resolve any problems pertaining to modules covered in your course.

Student Support Centre

Our student support centre provides a portal where students can submit their helpline questions, modify their profile, review their course history, book a course retake and access any available support and lesson files.

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