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Eliquo Live Event Series Presents

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Digital Marketing: Strategy-Content-Success

Whether you work in government, a non-profit entity or in the private sector, you already know that digital is dominating the marketing world. Its abilities to efficiently reach and connect with people and be easily measured and monitored while quantifying ROI has helped digital become the channel of choice over traditional marketing strategies at an incredibly high rate.

Eliquo has produced this free training seminar to provide attendees with the foundational knowledge to help marketing newcomers and professionals alike shape ideas that inspire personal experiences, branding, and storytelling with their communities.

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Your Presenters

Jordan St Jacques

Digital Marketing Instructor - Eliquo

Founder, Crowdfluence
Growth Hacker/Digital Marketer/Developer

Jordan St Jacques delivers engaging, knowledge-based lectures and seminars within his areas of expertise in an empirical format that draws connections between theory and the real world.

With more than 14 years of knowledge, experience and expertise in Digital Marketing, Jordan is well-positioned to teach marketing professionals and newcomers how to grow and market their businesses and organizations

It all started back in 2004 when MySpace hit critical mass, and Jordan was one of the first people in the world to take a profile to over 1,000,000 Friends and use it to drive increased attendance to music concerts. Over the next ten years, Jordan morphed into being more of a Digital Marketer than a concert promoter and entered the Tech world full-time in 2013.

Jordan turns Digital Marketing into a best-in-class offering in ALL the major 5 pillars (Web, Mobile, Search, Social & Blast), solving weaknesses big and small within your digital footprint so that your digital efforts beat your competition and drive results. He analyzes digital workflows and provides suggestions on time-saving solutions accordingly, in order to drive costs lower for your business.

Aside from teaching Digital Marketing, Jordan is developing and marketing Crowdfluence, an influencer marketing app and developing digital marketing strategies for clients in Canada and the USA. Roster includes companies in the following sectors; Alcohol, Retail, E-Commerce, Entertainment, Restaurant and more.

Kam Miranbigi

Senior Video Instructor – Eliquo

Adobe Premiere Certified Instructor & Expert

Kam has been providing training and development in video production, eLearning, publishing and animation since 1998. He specializes in digital audio and video for use in projects from personal to professional production. Design, development, editing and special effects complete his impressive list of skills.

He has a passion for video and animation. His dynamic energy in the classroom is directly correlated to his love of the subject matter and his determination to help people learn. Having taught for over 20 years combined with his incomparable knowledge base, he brings exceptional leadership to the classroom.

Kam is also very involved in supporting key Eliquo clients with their video production. His work includes video preproduction, production, post production and hardware support. He uses this practical experience and incorporates it into the classroom for key examples. Kam has helped numerous firms in developing their DV resources through equipment, software procurement and configuration as well as providing consulting assistance and training.

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