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Eliquo Webinar Series

Adobe Touch Apps: 3-Part Webinar

Description: Adobe’s Creative Cloud desktop software integrates with a free suite of mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices. In this seminar we will demonstrate a project that starts as a series of ideas and sketches on a mobile device and then transfers into a fully rendered project on the desktop. The Apps featured will be Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC and Adobe Acrobat DC Pro on the desktop platform. Mobile Apps demonstrated will include Adobe Capture, Adobe Draw, Adobe Photoshop Fix and Mix, Adobe Comp and Adobe Preview.

Watch the Adobe Touch Apps: 3-Part Webinar videos

Accessible, Usable, Electronic Forms: Solutions in 30 Minutes

Description: Eliquo's Director of Training, Development and Production Michael Cooper provides clarity to project managers, IT specialists, designer, developers, data managers and procurement specialists for choosing a platform for electronic forms delivery and data collection. Using a side-by-side comparison of the most popular electronic forms platforms, we rate them on criteria such as accessibility features, creation, maintenance, cost, and integration with other systems. Comparisons will include "ad-hoc" forms as well as "version controlled" forms.

Watch the Accessible, Usable, Electronic Forms: Solutions in 30 Minutes videos

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