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Eliquo’s 15th Anniversary Special Offer

Eliquo turns 15 years old in July and to celebrate 15 wonderful years of serving the design and marketing industry, we invite you to take advantage of this fantastic cost-saving offer.

*** Pre-purchase an Unlimited Training Passport to access all the live web-based training your department can consume within one year for $5000 (Reg. $10,000). We will also include access to our library of on-demand video courses.

You save lots

This anniversary offer ends July 31st. Please fill out the form below to be contacted by Eliquo client services. Or if you need someone else to sign you up, bring this offer to the attention of someone who really cares about your organization’s budget and tell them that you can save them a tonne of money.

Thanks again for 15 wonderful years. The Eliquo team appreciates your trust in us and we feel privileged to have been able to work with so many talented and creative design and marketing professionals.

Thank you

Craig Boassaly

Staff: Kam Miranbigi, Michael Cooper, Laurie Howland, Greg Kerr, Jody Daub, Anita Barratta, Michel Daw & Mike Beaudin

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