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Accessibility Production Services

All of our production work meets guidelines and standards set forth by the W3C (WCAG), Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as by the United States' federal government (Section 508). All of our work is thoroughly tested before returning your projects. Testing is carried out using our industry leading accessibility validation services to ensure that we not only deliver you great work, but also a guarantee of WCAG compliance.

Our production services include:

  • Conversion of PDFs to WCAG compliant PDFs
  • Conversion of MS-Office documents to WCAG compliant MS-Office documents and/or WCAG compliant PDFs
  • Conversion of paper forms to accessible, fillable electronic forms (PDF or HTML)
  • Creation of accessible web pages and web applications
  • Producing accessible video or converting existing video files into accessible video
  • Producing accessible eLearning or converting existing eLearning projects into accessible eLearning
  • Custom accessibility production services

Please contact us to learn more about Eliquo's accessibility production and consulting services.

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